Enchanting Scandinavia
Sweden, Denmark, Norway…

June 2-15, 2023

There's just not enough time to see the beauty of Scandinavia, but we will see a lot of it on this trip.

We'll have two fjord cruises and a canal tour along with a couple of train rides. We tour museums of Nordic interest and visit the studio of Nikolai Astrup, one of Norway's outstanding artists, and the home of Edvard Grieg, a world-famous Romantic era composer. As you view the itinerary, remember that all excursions are included.

There's just not enought time to see the beauty of Scandinavia, cruise the fjords, visit the many museums, or eat freshly caught seafood — but we're going to squeeze in as much as we can on this 14-day tour!

Included in this 14-day "Enchanting Scandinavia" tour are tours of three Scandinavian capitals: Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Oslo, Norway. Each of these cities is facinating in its own way.

All excursions are included on this tour which is $5,287 per person based on double occupancy. International airfare is available from Little Rock at $1,561 per person.

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Faith Steps in Jordan
October 19-30, 2023
Hosted by Dr. Dale W. Manor

The nation of Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is a land where God's people lived, traveled, prophesied, baptized, and served.

This land holds a lot of biblical history — From the children of Israel who trod on the east side of Jordan before crossing the river into the land which God had promised to the Jabbok River where Jacob wrestled with the angel of the Lord to Mount Nebo from which Moses saw the promised land.

We might feel the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones as we visit Petra and of T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) as we travel through Wadi Rum and see the Seven Pillars.

We travel from just below the Sea of Galilee past the Dead Sea and to the Red Sea as we wonder at this marvelous land and remember many historical events that have taken place in it.

All excursions, all breakfasts and dinners, and all tips (except when eating lunch on your own) are included in the tour price of $3,377 per person based on double occupancy. We anticipate having a group flight from Little Rock at additional charge.

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From Dan to Be'er Sheva
March 8 - 21, 2023
Hosted by Dr. Dale W. Manor

Note: This tour is now full.

After having tours to Egypt and Turkey (now officially Türkiye) in recent months, we are returning to the nation of Israel — Dr. Dale W. Manor's "second home."

This 14-day tour will travel north to Dan, south to Be'er Sheva, and many points in between.

On this tour, we will travel this land where prophets spoke forth the word of God, judges turned the people's hearts back to God, and kings — good and bad — ruled over God's people.

We will walk the streets where Jesus walked, taught, healed, and blessed. We will stand close to where the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place and remember it was our sins — it was my sins — that nailed Him to the cross.

Dr. Manor made his first trip to Israel when he was in his 20s. Since 1985 he has participated in archaeological digs in Israel, and in 2000, he was named Field Director for the Tel Beth-Shemesh Archaeological Excevation in Israel.

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