Journey to Egypt

Join Dr. Dale W. Manor as he returns to Egypt October 21-31.

God's people have journeyed to Egypt throughout the centuries. Abraham moved to Egypt for a period of time because of a famine. Joseph wound up in Egypt after being sold into slavery. God's children lived there 400 years. God called Moses to return there and lead His people to the promised land. Jeremiah was taken by force to Egypt. Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt to escape Herod. Egypt has played an important role in the history of God's people.Join Dale and Sharon Manor as he leads us on this journey to this nation with so much rich history.We fly to Cairo and begin our tour in this marvelous ancient city. We will visit the Grand Egyptian Museum which is scheduled to be open in June. We will go to Old Cairo and visit Mohamed Ali Mosque. We will see the Sphinx, the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Solar Boat. We later travel a few miles south of Cairo and visit Memphis and see the stepped pyramid at Sakkara. There we will visit a papyrus shop.

On Monday we fly to Luxor and board our ship for a cruise on the Nile River. On our 5-day cruise to Aswan, we will stop and visit sites along the way: Valley of the Kings, Medinet Habu — the Mortuary Temple of Ramses III; Edfu Temple, and the temple at Kom Ombo. When we arrive in Aswan, we will see the unfinished Obelisque and Philae Temple. We will also sail in a felucca and spend extra time on Elephantine Island to see its history.At every stop we will be joined by a professional guide to help us understand the history and importance of the area. We will have many experiences, take scores of photos, strengthen our faith, and end a fantastic tour wishing we had just a little more time in this country where so much Bible history took place.

• 11-Day Tour
• Includes 5-Day Cruise on the Nile River
• Visit the Grand Egyptian Museum
• See the Temples and History of the Pharaohs
• Marvel at the Solar Boat
• Walk Where God's People Walked

Dr. Dale W. Manor is Professor Emiritus of Bible and Archaeology at Harding University where he taught Archaeology, Old Testament, Syro-Palestinian Archaeology, Hebrew History, and Hebrew. He received his doctorate in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Arizona. Since 2000, he has been Field Dirctor for the Tel Beth-Shemesh Excavation Project in Israel. He is a regular presenter at converences for Near Eastern Archaeology Society and the American Schools of Oriental Research.

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