ISRAEL: From Dan to Be'er Sheva

Join Dr. Dale W. Manor as he returns to his "second home" March 8-21, 2023.

** This tour is now full. ** After having to cancel tours because of COVID, it it great to be touring again. We've had groups in Egypt and Turkey in recent months, and now we're returning to Israel.

On this 14-day "ISRAEL: From Dan to Be'er Sheva" tour we visit the land of Israel which, in many ways, is Dr. Dale W. Manor's "second home." We will travel to Dan in the north and to Be'er Sheva in the south and lots of places in between.


Our tour begins in Caesarea Maritima, and we marvel at Herod's construction of this seaport city. We tour sites where the prophets spoke forth the Word of God. We will take a day trip to Samaria and see Jacob's Well where Jesus met the Samaritan woman. We walk the streets of Jerusalem where Jesus and his disciples walked. We stand on top of Masada and remember the zealots and their cause. We travel to Be'er Sheva and Hebron where Abraham buried Sarah. We sit by the Sea of Galilee and remember the teachings of the Master.


We will have many experiences, take scores of photos, strengthen our faith and end a fantastic tour wishing we had just a little more time in this country where so much Bible history took place.


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• 14-Day Tour of Israel from Dan to Be'er Sheva

• See the footprint of the altar King Jeroboam built at Dan

• Stand between the mountains of blessings and curses in Samaria
• Spend two nights by the Dead Sea
• Visit the Qumran community near where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered
• Marvel at sites at Hebron where David lived after being crowned King of Judah
• Walk where God's people walked in Jerusalem, Jericho, Be'er Sheva, and Capernaum

• $3,788 per person based on double occupancy

• $5,131 per person based on double occupancy includes group airfare R/T from Little Rock


Dr. Dale W. Manor is Professor Emeritus of Bible and Archaeology at Harding University where he taught Archaeology, Old Testament, Syro-Palestinian Archaeology, Hebrew History, and Hebrew. He earned his doctorate in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Arizona. He was a Kress Fellow at the Albright Institute for Archaeological Research in Jerusalem from 1988 to 1989. Since 2000, he has been Field Director for the Tel Beth-Shemesh Excavation Project in Israel. He has traveled extensively in Israel, Greece and Egypt. Prior to teaching at Harding, he served as a minister in California and Arizona for 25 years. He is a regular presenter at conferences for Near Eastern Archaeology Society and the American Schools of Oriental Research.



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