Kenneth Mills Tours

Just a little introduction…

My lovely wife and I met in Memphis at a friend's wedding. In 1980, we were married by Philip Slate at the Park Avenue Church of Christ building — the same place where we met. We are blessed with two precious daughters.

We like to get out to special events and trips. Many of our trips are to see family in other parts of Arkansas and the DFW area. We typically plan a couple of trips to DFW each year with one trip including the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. It's a great rodeo!


In 1994, the little church for which I preached, Chastain Church of Christ, sent me on my first trip to Israel. Two years later I went back. On each trip my eyes were opened a little more. My last trip to Israel in 2017 was one I helped plan with my friend, Bible professor, and archaeologist, Dr. Dale W. Manor. We've recently returned from a "Footsteps of Paul" tour to Greece with Dr. Manor. Traveling to the lands of the Bible is a marvelous experience!


My life has been spent in two areas: ministry and graphic design. Today, I'm semi-retired. I say that because I still have some clients for whom I do design work, and I preach part time for the Magnolia Street Church of Christ in Augusta, Arkansas.


Because of my love for travel, I began this company to pursue the tour business. However, we only do two or three tours a year because I only work with tours in which I actively participate. I can promise that when you travel with us you will have a wonderful, wonderful tour!


A couple of years ago, our daughters (along with some other family members) sent us on a fantastic Alaskian cruise for our 35th wedding anniversary. We spent a lot of time on the bow of the ship marveling at our Father's wonderful creation!


Kay and I, along with our daughters and Sophie, are at Beit Shean, one of my favorite places in Israel. Behind us is Tel Beit Shean, the Old Testament city where King Saul's body was hung on the city walls after his death. This photo is from our trip to Israel in 2017 with Dr. Dale W. Manor.


On our tour to Greece in 2019, one of the islands we visited was Mykonos. Kay and I are pictured with the harbor in the background. We traveled throughout this beautiful country and visited the cities the apostle Paul went to on his second missionary journey. It was a pleasure to have Dr. Dale W. Manor be the host on this "Footsteps of Paul" tour.