— May 4-17, 2025 —
3 Nights in Athens / 9 Nights Onboard Celebrity Infinity®

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Hosted by Noel & Lael Whitlock

Join Noel & Lael Whitlock as we enjoy this marvelous tour of Greece and focus on the apostle Paul's second missionary Journey.

Noel and Lael Whitlock are in their 18th year of ministry with the College Church of Christ in Searcy, Arkansas.
They met while attending Oklahoma Christian University. Noel completed his studies in Mass Communications and Biblical Languages. He has post-graduate work in Bible and religion. Lael is a licensed dental hygienist. Both love the Lord, love people, and are excellent Bible students.
They have two married daughters and two grandchildren. Next year they will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.


Athens & Corinth —

We begin our tour in Athens — many times called the Cradle of Western Civilization. We climb up to the marble capped Acropolis Hill, view the surrounding area, and see the famous Parthenon and Erechtheion Temples.
On Mars’ Hill (the Areopagus) we remember Paul's soul-stirring sermon (Acts 17:22-31). We see museums, archaeological ruins, theatres, and other temples.

When we head to Corinth, we stop at the Corinth Canal. At ancient Corinth, we view the Erastus Inscription, see artifacts in the Asklepeion Gallary, walk through the Agora, reflect on Paul's trial as we stand at the Bema, and we take a look at the Fountain of Peirene,


Aboard the Celebrity Infinity —

After three nights in Athens, we board the Celebrity Infinity for the remainder of our tour — 9 nights. Our cruise on the brilliant blue Aegean Sea takes us to cities where the apostle Paul stopped, preached, encouraged — and yes, was ridiculed and rejected. Our activities include viewing the iconic windmills on Mykonos, enjoying a gelato on Santorini, and enjoying a tour of Ephesus where Paul stayed for a few years preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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We will have three Private Excursions on our cruise. These are included in the cost of the tour.
Celebrity offers custom tours at each port, and there will be an additional charge for these excursions.
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Footsteps of Paul Private Excursions — SUNDAY — MAY 11, 2025

We begin our Full Day Private Excursion by visiting the ruins of Miletus where Paul met with the elders from Ephesus. We visit the Ephesus Archaeological Museum before enjoying a group lunch (included).

In the afternoon, we visit ancient Ephesus. As we walk down Curetes Way, we see a marvelous restoration of an ancient city.


Footsteps of Paul Private Excursions — WEDNESDAY — MAY 14, 2025

We stop first in Berea, we walk just a short distance from Raktavin Square to a small plaza where we see The Altar of Saint Paul. At Vergina we visit the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai (Vergina). It was in Vergina that Alexander the Great was crowned king.
There is a lot to see in Thessaloniki including the Roman Agora, the Arch of Galerius, and the White Tower.


Footsteps of Paul Private Excursions — THURSDAY — MAY 15, 2025

We arrive at Kavala (ancient Neopolis) at 8 AM. During our time here, we will have a Private Excursion and visit Philippi. We get back on the bus and drive just a short distance to the River Zygaktis, the traditional site of the baptism of Lydia. We also see the church of the Baptistery of Saint Lydia.


Celebrity offers a bucket load of optional excursions during our tour, and you will enjoy these, too!

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This tour gives us a greater understanding of the Greek culture and how it opened up the world to evangelism during the early days of the church, but it will also help us realize how much persecution Paul underwent because his heart's desire was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We will have many experiences, take scores of photos, strengthen our faith and end a fantastic tour wishing we had just a little more time in this country where so much Bible history took place.

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• 14-Day Tour (Including travel days) •

• Stand on Mars Hill where Paul preached his famous sermon to the people of Athens. •
• Visit the ancient city of Philippi where Paul had a great relationship with a joyful church. •
• Walk in the steps of the apostle Paul as you enter the city of Corinth and stand before the bema. •

• Relax while cruising the beautiful Aegean Sea. •

• Enjoy optional excursions — cook, sail, see destination highlights, stroll on a beach, or… •

• $4,923.00 per person based on double occupancy — No single supplements are available. •

(Price includes Inside Prime Stateroom on cruise. No flights are included.)

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