Journey to Egypt with Dr. Dale W. Manor

October 21-31, 2021

Sunrise hot-air balloon ride looking back towaard the Valley of the Kings near Luxor, Egypt

The recently discovered "golden city" as seen from our balloon

Our group in front of the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut

Our guide, Migo Henes, and Dr. Dale Manor taking time for a selfie in front of the pyramids
Catherine and Ann having their picture taken with pyramids in the background
Guardians at Karnak Temple
Fresh-baked bread for our lunch at a restaurant near Saqqara
Laser lights on the Avenue of the Sphinxes that connects Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple
Migo drawing in the sand to illustrate the temple complex
Ken at the entrance to the tomb of King Tut
Some of the beautiful artwork in King Tut's tomb room
Migo point out the location of various tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Luxor Temple at night

Sailing along on the beautiful Nile River
Kenneth and Kay with the massive columns of the Karnak Temple in the background

Migo discussing the history of the Church of St Sergius in Old Coptic Cairo

Being welcomed to lunch near Saqqara
Migo illustrating the structures of Saqqara
Inside the massive and beautifully decorated tomb of Ramesses VI
Burial site of Ramesses VI
View of the Nile River as we head to Elephantine Island
Archaeological ruins from the dig on Elephantine Island
Frank Wright holding a young crocodile at the Nubian village on Elephantine Island
Enjoying a delicious lunch at the Nubian village
Hot-air balloons lighting up the early morning sky as we get ready to depart on our sunrise flight
Our balloon captain pointing out some sites during our flight
Visiting a papyrus shop and learning how papyrus goes from a plant to a sheet
Visiting the recently opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo