Celebrity Infinity® Excursions

Some optional excursions offered during our tour…

None of the Celebrity excursions are included in our tour. Most will have an additional charge. Shore excursions are based on availability and may not be available based on our cruise dates and itinerary. At some point after registration, you will receive information on how to schedule and pay for your desired excursions.


Day 5 — Thursday, May 8, 2025
CRUISE Day 1 — Arrive Port of Piraeus

— Find your cabin.

— Safety First — Celebrity has replaced the traditional safety drill at the beginning of your cruise voyage with new technology to help you stay informed without leaving your stateroom. The mandatory safety drill used to gather every guest on the cruise together for a review of what to expect in an emergency situation, how to use a life jacket, and much more.

Now, let Muster 2.0 ™ show you the drill on your mobile device or interactive stateroom TV thanks to innovative eMuster™ technology. You’ll be able to review safety protocol prior to sailing, so you can spend every precious moment of your vacation in the moment.

— Know the location of your life jacket.

— Check out your dining options.


— Note: We will schedule a meeting this evening or the first thing in the morning so our group's schedule on the cruise will run smoothly.


Day 6 — Friday, May 9, 2025
CRUISE Day 2 — At Sea

Inside Access: Behind-the-Scenes Ship Tour — Duration: 2 Hours / Activity Level: Mild

— Join a crewmember for a rare inside-access look at the inner workings of your Celebrity Cruise Ship.
— Visit the Bridge, Engine Control Room, and Laundry for a first-hand look at how the ship's critical areas operate.
— Stroll down the I-95 corridor in the crew's quarters, named after the longest highway on the U.S. East Coast.


On our two cruise days (Cruise Day 2 and Cruise Day 9) we may be able to schedule conference room time for fellowship, worship, and biblical lessons relating to Paul's ministry.


Day 7 — Saturday, May 10, 2025
CRUISE Day 3 — Santorini, Greece

Destination Highlight: Island Drive and Village Oia — Duration: 4 Hours, 45 Minutes / Activity Level: Moderate

— Journey through Santorini's rich volcanic countryside, admiring breathtaking scenery and scenic small villages.
— Visit a winery where you'll sample three local wines and tease your palate with traditional Greek snacks.
— Explore the charming village of Oia, wander its narrow cobblestone streets and marvel at the white stone buildings


Destination Highlight: Island Villages and Canava Museum Visit Duration: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes Activity Level: Moderate

— Stroll through Megalochori to find preserved Cycladic homes, neoclassic architecture, and small houses dug into the volcanic rock.
— Enjoy a panoramic drive up the rocky slopes of Santorini's caldera to reach the villages of Pyrgos and Megalochori.
— Visit Canava Lygnos for a taste at traditional life on Santorini long before the tourism boom.


Independent Exploration: Village of Oia on Your Own Duration: 3 Hours / Activity Level: Moderate

— Stroll through the village of Oia and admire the classic Cycladic architecture that lines the streets.
— Gaze out at stunning panoramas of Santorini’s jagged seaside cliffs.
— Stop in the village of Fira and enjoy some time to browse the local shops.


Destination Highlight: Sailing the Caldera Duration: 3 Hours / Activity Level: Mild

— Savor BBQ pork or chicken and souvlaki sticks while you cruise on the catamaran.
— Board the largest catamaran of Santorini and enjoy scenic views and fresh sea breezes.
— Swim in the private bay of Saint Nikolas.
— Enjoy time to explore Fira Town on your own.
— Sail around the caldera, see Volcano Island, and Hot Springs.


Destination Highlight: Akrotiri Ruins and Oia Village Duration: 4 Hours, 15 Minutes Activity Level: Moderate

— Visit the Akrotiri site, a Bronze Age settlement preserved and destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1627 B.C.
— Enjoy a guided tour of Akrotiri’s cobblestoned streets and well-preserved frescoes; peer into ancient shops and homes.
— Take in unparalleled views of the volcano’s caldera at the village of Oia.


Destination Highlights: Best of Santorini Duration: 7 Hours, 30 Minutes Activity Level: Moderate

— Begin your comprehensive tour of Santorini at the ancient site of Akrotiri, which bears evidence of habitation more than 6,000 years ago and developed into a major urban hub 4,000 years ago but was buried by volcanic activity in the 17th century before being unearthed in 1967 to reveal significant archeological artifacts.
— Sample the island's finest local wines, including the notable Vinsanto, served with traditional mezze at a popular local winery.
— Continue to the picturesque, cliffside village of Oia, known for its quiet beauty, spectacular sunsets, and breathtaking views of neighboring volcanoes, to stroll through the narrow, cobblestone lanes between whitewashed buildings, sun-bathed cafés and blue-domed churches.
— Enjoy a lively Greek celebration with the food, wine and a traditional Greek dance performance at a renowned Greek restaurant.
— Conclude at Fira town, the lovely capital of the island built on the rim of the famous caldera wall.


Day 8 — Sunday, May 11, 2025
CRUISE Day 4 — Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey

Full Day Private Excursion. This excursion is included in the price of your Footsteps of Paul tour. — Activity Level: Moderate/Strenuous

— At 9 AM, we dock at Kusadasi, Türkiye, the starting point for our excursion to visit the ancient city of Ephesus, where the Apostle Paul preached and lived for three years (Acts 18:19-21).
— We begin our Full Day Private Excursion by visiting the ruins of Miletus where Paul met with the elders from Ephesus as he was returning to Jerusalem.
— We visit the Ephesus Archaeological Museum before enjoying a group lunch (included).
— In the afternoon, we visit ancient Ephesus. As we walk down Curetes Way, we see a marvelous restoration of an ancient city — State Agora, Odean, Temple of Hadrian, Trajan Fountain, Library of Celsus, Commercial Agora, and the Grand Theatre where the people cried, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians.”


Celebrity also offers several optional excursions on Day 8.


Day 9 — Monday, May 12, 2025
CRUISE Day 5 — Mykonos, Greece

Destination Highlight: Best of Mykonos — Duration: 8 Hours, 15 Minutes / Activity Level: Strenuous

— Stroll through lovely Mykonos, one of Greece's most iconic villages.

— See the Panagia Tourliani Monastery in Ano Mera, built in the 16th century and first dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

— Tour the magical island of Delos, said to be the birthplace of Apollo, Greek god of music, prophesy, and healing.


Small Group: Mykonian Cooking Experience Duration: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes / Activity Level: Mild

— Visit a private spiti (home) to experience the rhythms of daily life on Mykonos.

— Tour the home's garden and learn how to cultivate aromatic herbs and vegetables for your own home.

— Work with a local expert to prepare traditional Greek foods, then leisurely lunch on the dishes you prepare.


Small Group: Mykonian Cheese Making Experience Duration: 5 Hours / Activity Level: Moderate

— Begin your journey with an exploration of the Mykonos that tourists seldom see on a guided walking tour of this fabled city's winding streets and whitewashed buildings.

— Under the guidance of local experts, make a batch of Kopanisti and then relax with a tasting of local cheese and wine.

— Then, head to a local dairy to learn about the production of Kopanisti, a local cheese renowned for its salty and somewhat spicy flavor.


Destination Highlight: Scenic Island Drive and Ano Mera Monastery Visit Duration: 3 Hours / Activity Level: Moderate

— Savor a Greek appetizer, or “meze,” and sip on ouzo, an anise-flavored and famed aperitif.

— Visit the Panagia Tourliani, a 16th Century monastery in the village of Ano Mera.

— Enjoy a Mykonos town sightseeing.


Destination Highlight: Archeological site of Delos — Duration: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes / Activity Level: Strenuous

— Board a local ferry and skid across calm waters to the uninhabited island of Delos.

— Take an unforgettable walking tour and discover spectacular floor and wall mosaics at the Hellenistic mansions of Delos.

— Enjoy incredible views of the Cyclades archipelago on a scenic boat ride along the Aegean Sea.


Ultimate Beach Experience: Elia Beach — Duration: 4 Hours / Activity Level: Mild

— Enjoy a beautiful drive along the south coast of Mykonos, known for its incredible beaches.

— Swim in the emerald blue water of the Aegean Sea at Elia Beach.


Small Group: Mykonos Food on Foot Duration: 4 Hours / Activity Level: Moderate

— Your drive brings you to the picturesque Mykonos, where you follow a friendly culinary connoisseur on a walk through the island's tiny shops.

— At your first stop, try Masticha liquor and loukoumi, also known as Turkish Delight, then move on to your second stop to sample sweet vanilla submarine dessert.

— At the third spot, savor mouthwatering traditional cheese pie, before moving on for a Souvlaki skewer topped with pita bread.

— At your final location, sip on a glass of traditional ouzo with Greek meze on the side.

— Walk past the famous landmarks of Mykonos, including The Windmills and Little Venice, which made Jackie O. fall in love with this island, making it a jetsetter destination.


Day 10 — Tuesday, May 13, 2025
CRUISE Day 6 — Volos, Greece

Meteora Monasteries — Duration: 9 Hours, 30 Minutes / Activity Level: Strenuous

— Drive to the geographic center of Greece on a trip to the Meteora Monasteries, centers of thought and contemplation built high in sandstone cliffs to which monks have been escaping since the ninth century.

— Visit the two of the six still-active monasteries, which in philosophy date back to the 12th century when monk Nilos organized disparate groups of monks under a formal creed and in structure the 14th century, when Athanasios built the first building, the Great Meteoron, on the second-highest cliff in the region.

— See artifacts created in the 14th century to adorn the monastery, including frescoes, carvings and icons.

— Continue to Kalambaka Village to satisfy your palate with an authentic Greek meal.


Traditional Pelion Villages — Duration: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes / Activity Level: Moderate

— Leave behind the modern town of Volos and enter antiquity, as you pass by lush vegetation on a drive up along the slopes of Mount Pelion.

— Arrive at Makrinitsa Village and join your local knowledgeable guide on a walking tour of the town, as you enjoy the traditional architecture and the incredible view of the Pagasetic Gulf from way up high on the side of Mount Pelion.

— Walk along the ancient, cobbled streets, browse the village's many crafts and souvenir shops, or simply relax at a cozy café with some delicious Greek cuisine.

— Continue on to Portaria, nicknamed the Queen of Pelion, where you can admire its many natural beauties and visit centuries-old churches or monasteries before heading back down to port.


There are sites in around Volos you can visit: ruins of the Volos Castle the Thessaly Railway Museum, the Rooftile and Brickworks Museum, or you can relax at the beach. Nearby activities include walking the Centaur’s Path in Portaria, exploring Archaeological Site of Dimini, or taking a ride on the Pelion Railway. There will be charges for some of these activities, and for those nearby activities, you will have a good hike or need to hire a taxi.


Day 11 — Wednesday, May 14, 2025
CRUISE Day 7 — Thessaloniki, Greece

Private Excursion. This excursion is included in the price of your Footsteps of Paul tour. — Activity Level: Moderate

— As we stop in Berea, we walk just a short distance from Raktavin Square to a small plaza where we see The Altar of Saint Paul. The three steps under the center mosaic are said to be from a first century synagogue.
— We visit Vergina which is just a few miles away. In 1977, Manolis Andronikos discovered the tomb of Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great. In the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai (Vergina) we see the golden larnax, Phillip II’s silver and gold diadem, gold jewelry and garment ornaments of a Macedonian Queen at Aigai, a gold funeral wreath, Philip II’s bronze greaves, and many other items.
— It was in Vergina that Alexander the Great was crowned king.
— There is a lot to see in Thessaloniki including the Roman Agora, the Arch of Galerius, and the White Tower.


Celebrity also offers some optional excursions on Day 11.


Day 12 — Thursday, May 15, 2025
CRUISE Day 8 — Kavala, Greece

Private Excursion. This excursion is included in the price of your Footsteps of Paul tour. — Activity Level: Moderate

— Our excursion takes us to Philippi. Years of archaeological excavations have yielded an enormous amount of history in Philippi. This city is on Via Egnatia and has a 4th century BC Roman theatre. We view the remains of the Roman Agora, Basilica B from the Byzantine Period, an octagonal church, and many scattered discoveries.
— We get back on the bus and drive just a short distance to the River Zygaktis, the traditional site of the baptism of Lydia. We also see the church of the Baptistery of Saint Lydia.


Celebrity also offers some optional excursions on Day 12.


Day 13 — Friday, May 16, 2025
CRUISE Day 9 — At Sea

Inside Access: Behind-the-Scenes Ship Tour — Duration: 2 Hours / Activity Level: Mild

— Join a crewmember for a rare inside-access look at the inner workings of your Celebrity Cruise Ship.
— Visit the Bridge, Engine Control Room, and Laundry for a first-hand look at how the ship's critical areas operate.
— Stroll down the I-95 corridor in the crew's quarters, named after the longest highway on the U.S. East Coast.


— Note: Tonight we will let everyone know how to handle your luggage so that we have the least amount of delay in getting off the ship and to our bus Saturday morning as we depart Athens.


Day 14 — Saturday, May 17, 2025
CRUISE Day 10 — Arrive Port of Piraeus

— A bus will take us from the port to Athens International Airport.



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